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Trevor, the young summer intern, is totally screwed.

His new boss, Benjamin Gage, is not only powerful,
filthy rich, and totally arrogant...
but also irresistibly sexy.

Trevorís summer just got a lot HOTTER
and HARDER than he bargained for.

Contains: HOT man-on-man action, inappropriate
workplace relations, and a lot of bossing around!

* Coming July 2017 *


The final book in the College Obsession series.
* Can be read as a standalone *

I want to put my hands all over her, but
they're too busy writing my fantasy instead of living it.
I'm finished being a loveless prisoner to the page.

~ SAM ~
He watches me with those dark, sensitive eyes of his.
He knows my pain. Maybe he shares it.
I think he's the music I've been looking for all along.

The College Obsession Romance series centers around a
group of friends and the relationships they form during
their time at a small-town Texas school. They are angsty,
steamy new adult novels with HEAs and NO cheating.

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Available on and Kindle Unlimited.

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