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If you haven't read The Beautiful Dead series yet,
please treat yourself to the most unique and unconventionally
"undead" fantasy series you've ever read. It's powerful and
adventurous. It's hilarious and unexpectedly romantic.
And you will root for Winter, the strong female Undead
main character, to the very end.

The Whispers, although book #4 in the series,
can be read by itself. Reading The Beautiful Dead Trilogy
beforehand will simply (and greatly) enrich your experience.

What's The Whispers about?
Jennifer needs to know the truth about the Beautiful Dead. Do they really exist, or is it all a lie?
She faces punishment from the university if she pursues her forbidden Undeadly studies - but she could
also change the world. One reckless decision (that may or may not be totally illegal) sends Jennifer and
her friends embarking on an adventure of a deathtime to find the truth at last. She did not expect, however,
to discover the fate of all humanity resting in her little Living hands.

Available on and Kindle Unlimited.

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